Carpet Cleaning and Furnace Repair

With the Holidays half way through there isn’t much wedding news to talk about.  So I’d like to take this time to Thank two of our Local Sponsors.  Both own service businesses in the Spokane Area.

If you’re in need of Carpet Cleaning please call the experts at or find them on Facebook.  This company has been a generous sponsor to our community for several years.  We often hire them for the business and our personal residents.  Matt has always been more than courteous and takes care of our property moving furniture and setting it back.

Our other local hero owns an Hvac company specializing in Heating Repair and AC.  Darren has been a sponsor for six years and can be found by visiting his website or their Facebook page.

This time of the year it’s important to not only giveback, but show appreciation.  We want to thank all the local businesses that have helped us throughout the entire year.  Without you none of this would be possible.  Thank you!

We want to leave you telling why Christmas is Important to us.  This information was gathered from our entire staff and we thought it would be an awesome idea to share it with you.  We encourage you to mail in your reasons why Christmas is important so we can share it on our blog.

Christmas is important because it allows everyone a break from their busy life and a chance to gather entire families in one location. Little kids open up presents and parents get the joy of watching their joy.

Why is Christmas important to my family?  It allows us to unite as one for a couple weeks of the year.  It’s a well needed break and gives us the chance to thank god for all the wonderful things he’s put in our lives.

There’s only one thing I need to say about this question.  Why is Christmas Important to me?  Because Jesus loved us so much it’s only right we celebrate his birthday once a year.

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