Wedding Mistakes to Beware of

For the vast majority of people, the wedding day could be the greatest day of their lives. Such an important and happy occasion therefore needs to be planned with great care. Unfortunately, many people make grave mistakes in wedding planning and what was supposed to a glorious occasion might turn out to be the most depressing. Yet the situation need not be so gloomy. There are a number of planning mistakes you could make and knowing about them in advance could help you avoid them.
Planning without accurate budgeting
Couples know that they’ll spend money for their wedding and therefore set aside some money for this. However, not many couples have the capacity to accurately estimate the budget expenses. As usually happens, there are so many tiny details that require attention and if you just concentrated on the big budget items (such as hiring a venue) you are likely to have to cut some costs by omitting important items that you did not think about. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, it helps to work with an experienced wedding planner.
Planning without an accurate guest list
A guest list plays the most important role in determining the costs of most items. It is the list that provides guidance on the kind of venue you need to hire, for example, and the amount of money that will be spent on catering. You can imagine the frustration you’ll go through if you hired a venue that can only seat 50 people and you ended up with double that number.
Getting a guest list right is actually not too hard. Both the bride and the groom simply need to sit down and decide who they wish to invite. If you are conducting the wedding in your hometown, it is possible that more people than those on the list end up turning up and you should make a provision for this.
Spending too much
You might desire the most lavish wedding but it is more important to do what you can afford. While both the bride and groom have ideas of what their wedding should look like, any items that bloat the budget should be addressed. In most cases, you might not even need to get rid of some items – you could simply substitute exorbitant items with more affordable ones. Couples who insist on spending more than they can afford might be tempted to take a loan. This is a viable option but it is important that the couple agrees it is something they really want to do otherwise it could be a source of future stress and friction.

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